How to transfer US stocks to Futu AU


1. Stocks can only be transferred between accounts under the same name. 

2. Fees: Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd doesn't charge any fees to transfer your stocks, but the other broker may.

3. Processing time: For US stocks, once the other broker transfers stocks out of your account, it will take 1-2 business days for Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd to add the stocks to your account (the processing time is for reference only; Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd shall not be liable for any delay).

4. Futu AU currently does not support OTC stock transfer.

To transfer your stocks from another broker to Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd, you need to:

I. Submit a transfer-in instruction to Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd; and

II. Submit a transfer-out instruction to the other broker

After we receive your transfer-in instruction, we will contact the other broker to confirm if it matches the transfer-out instruction they received, and then arrange a date for delivery.


I. Submit a transfer-in instruction to Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd

Please follow the steps below to initiate a transfer-in instruction on the app. 

1. Log in to moomoo 

Tap Accounts > Transfers > Transfer Stock In

2. Enter transfer information 

2.1 Choose the account to receive the stocks 

Please choose the eligible Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd account to receive the stocks.

2.2 Enter broker information

Please choose the broker you want to transfer the stocks from. If you can’t find the broker’s name in the list, choose Other Broker and enter the name manually.

Account Number: Enter your account number at the other broker.

Account Name: Enter your account name at the other broker. The account name must be the same as your Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd account name.

2.3 Tap Next to enter stock information

3. Review the information and submit the instruction

Confirm the broker information, the stock symbol, and the quantity you entered, and submit the instruction.

Note: The above information is for reference only. 


II. Submit a transfer-out instruction to the other broker

Please contact the other broker for their transfer-out requirements, and submit a transfer-out instruction to them according to those requirements.

Necessary details can be found below:

Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd details for Tranfer-In of US Stocks

After completing the above procedures, please stay tuned. Staff at both brokers will follow up on your transfer instructions.