How to deposit from Westpac

You can deposit money into your Futu AU account via bank transfer. 

Please transfer from your personal bank account. Transfers from third-party accounts, corporate accounts, or E-wallets will not be accepted. International Transfer will not be accepted neither.


Start your transfer

1. Open moomoo, tap [Accounts] - [More] - [Deposit], find the bank account information provided to you.

2. Open the Westpac mobile banking App, tap the $ icon in the middle, tap the "Pay someone" icon, tap Add on the upper right corner, and select BSB & Account to add a new payee. If you have already saved the account provided to you as a frequent payee, just tap the account to initiate a transfer.

* Please make sure the account information is correct before initiating a transfer.

3. Copy and paste the account information to the according fields shown on the page.

4. Enter the deposit amount.

5. After the transfer is made, we suggest you keep a screenshot of the page as the proof of transfer in case of a follow-up review. You will be notified via email or App notification once your deposit request is processed.