Free Stock

The free stock program is a specially designed initiative for existing Futu users. As a Futu user, you may participate in various activities that may entitle you to receive free stocks from us.

1. How can I be entitled to such giveaways?

You will need to look out for certain activities or promotions, which will be available from time to time. You will be eligible to receive a free stock by participating in and meeting the conditions of the activities or promotions. 

2. How can I check the stocks that I have been given? 

You can view the stocks in the appropriate section of your brokerage account. For example, if you received US stocks, you need to view them in the corresponding brokerage account. They can then be found in the 「Trade-Brokerage Account-Unclaimed stock」. Please ensure you have the latest version of the moomoo application.

3. Do I need to do anything to receive the free stocks into my trading account?

You are required to complete some actions before you can receive the free stocks. In the 「Trade-Brokerage Account-Unclaimed stock」, you need to manually swipe the stock to be claimed to the left first. The related conditions, validity period, and claim button will be displayed. If you fulfill the conditions and complete the tasks within the validity period, the claim button will light up and you can click on it to claim your free stocks. The free stocks will be automatically transferred to your trading account within 5 trading days. You can then trade the stocks as you normally would.

4. Why are the conditions for claiming and using the same stock different?

The conditions for claiming and using stocks may vary from time to time and are determined by the rules of the incentive program. You must read the specific rules of the incentive program to determine the applicable conditions for receiving and using free stock and applicable validity period.

5. What does the "validity period" mean?

The validity period means the period during which you need to complete the tasks shown in the receiving conditions, click the [receiving] button and claim the stocks into your trading position. If you do not complete the tasks specified in the claim conditions within the validity period or if you have completed the tasks specified in the claim conditions but do not click to claim stocks within the validity period, you will not receive the free stocks.

6. Why does the stock given to me still show a cost?

The 「cost」 displayed for the gifted stock is the market price of the stock when you received the stock. This is not the cost you incurred, but it enables you to track the movement (e.g., profit or loss) of the stock. 

7. Why does the stock sent to me show that it is 'out of stock'?

The stocks for the incentive program may have been redeemed fully at that moment. Futu will purchase more stocks as soon as practicable and make the gift stock available for your collection.

8. I am entitled to free stocks that do not have conditions and tasks attached. Do I still need to open a securities account?

Yes. You must open a Futu brokerage account before claiming the free stocks. When you are entitled to receive free stocks, you need to have a Futu brokerage account that is approved for trading the gifted stock. That way, Futu will be able to credit the stock to your account. 

9. I have completed several tasks, that fulfill the tasks required by a few giveaways. Why am I only given one of the stocks?

Although different giveaways may have similar tasks, tasks completed for one giveaway cannot be counted as tasks completed for another giveaway. If you are participating in more than one giveaway, your tasks will automatically be counted towards the stock with the highest value (market price * quantity).

10. Why are some giveaways no longer valid?

That is because the underlying tasks for giveaways cannot be repeated. For example, opening an account and making your first deposit can only be done once. As such, such giveaways will automatically become invalid.

11. Why is my account in arrears after the stock is sold?

It is possible that your account did not have sufficient cash to cover transaction fees. For example, if you get $30 from selling odd shares, and the commission, stamp duty and other expenses amounted to an additional $5, your account will be $5 in arrears. Interest will be charged on such arrears. For more information of commissions and fees, please visit our commission and fee schedule website.

12. Other terms and conditions

The free stock program is not an offer or solicitation for any financial products or services and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendation. 

All investments involve risks. Futu does not provide investment advice and does not make recommendations. Investors should seek advice from their financial advisers to determine if the products and services offered by Futu are appropriate for the customer’s individual circumstances. 

In the event of any dispute, Futu reserves the right to interpret the terms, conditions, or rules of its promotions, including the one above. Futu reserves the right to change or modify the terms, conditions, or rules of all its promotions at any time without notice.